Why a Yoga Retreat

A Yoga Retreat offers you the opportunity to get away to a beautiful destination with other like-minded people for a week long immersion into your practice.  As someone who loves to travel, I cannot think of a better way to getaway!

Here are few reasons to consider splurging on that upcoming vacation you’re dying to take.

You will meet amazing people. One of the joys of traveling is the company. You’ll be able to experience a whole new world, take pictures, and share stories with people who think just like you—people who love Yoga, quality, holistic living and spending time getting to know one another. I met some of my best friends on my first Yoga retreat to Thailand, and I continue to meet incredible people around the globe.

You will deepen your practice. What’s not to love about practicing Yoga twice a day? Even if you’re enjoying all of the local delicacies and drinking every night, you’ll detox that right out. More than likely, you will want to eat well because it means a better practice the next day. So you may find yourself even shifting some negative eating habits and eliminating foods that drag your energy down. Still working on handstand? This is your opportunity to refine your practice and dive deep into areas of interest as you receive one-on-one, consistent attention from your retreat leader(s).

Shift your Perspective. I have been all around the world from Bora Bora to Vietnam and the Philippines.  Each destination provides its own unique gifts and opportunities for exploration and education.  More than likely, you will return home with a refreshed sense of appreciation and gratitude for the place you live.   Traveling is the only way to gain that hands on experience and perspective on the life you currently lead.

Challenge your comfort zone. Are you stuck in the routine of wake up, eat, work, exercise, watch TV, and fall asleep? If so, then it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and see how your body naturally adapts to organically moving throughout the day. A vacation is a great way to tap into your inner wisdom and find your own natural rhythm. You’ll be surprised by just how much energy you can have throughout the day when you’re operating at your optimum.

Relax and Revitalize. A retreat will usually offer two yoga practices per day with plenty of time to rest in between. You can take that time to explore, get a massage, or relax by the pool. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some time to refresh and revitalize those overworked and overtaxed cells of yours? I mean, think about all you’d have time for: long hours of sun bathing, backpacking, journaling, walking, hiking, etc.  Your body will thank you after it has had the opportunity to get the nourishment it needs.

Eat Well.  More than likely, the food provided on a Yoga retreat is amazing, local and healthy.  Even if it is organic and vegan—you’d be surprised how wholesome and delicious these healthy cuisines can be.   On my retreats, we offer fish and meat for those who enjoy those sources of protein.  And for those looking to detox, healthy fruits and veggies are in abundance.

Yoga. The qualities of practicing so often are immense.  Your body will open up in ways you never imagined, and you’ll discover a genuine connection to your breath that will help you overcome unnecessary stress.  There are two different practices that will enable this: the asana practice, which is a moving meditation, and the sitting practice, which is the opportunity to observe any negative holding patterns that are inhibiting you from leading a life you love.

A retreat gives you that time to getaway, re-evaluate and rekindle your zest for life.   One of the best quotes I every read on Pinterest was…travel is the one thing you can buy that makes you richer“.

Looking for the perfect retreat?  Join us for a week long retreat to Tulum over Valentine’s Day

Still not convinced?  Check out this video courtesy of Seek Retreat and a few photos from our last retreat to Santorini…


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