Why I Love Tiny Devotions

What is a mala bead? A mala bead is a prayer bead. Mala beads have been around for centuries in Hindu and Buddhist religions and now, with the blossoming of Yoga, in the west we are starting to learn about their sacred, inherent qualities. I didn’t wear mala beads when I first started practicing yoga. In fact, wearing anything on my wrists or neck bothered me as I moved through the physical practice. Although, I would see men and women with these mala beads on them at all time. I wondered, “Hm…Is that a fashion trend or is there significance to those decorative necklaces that seem so enchanting to the eye?”For my birthday, my ex boyfriend gifted me my first mala necklace. There are 108 beads in total with the last one being a clear stone for concentration and clarity of thought. Why 108? There are so many theories as to why the number 108 is chosen, and depending what you’re most interested in, you can find the root that works for you. Since I am a chakra advocate, I like this one…”108 is representation of the “Heart Chakra”. Chakras are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines congerging to form the heart chakra. One of the energy lines, sushumna, leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-realization”. – http://www.swamij.com/108.htm

I enjoy this meaning because it energetically connects us to our mala beads. While I still do not practice asana with my beads, I do meditate with them. You can use the beads as a counting tool for your mantra or to even count your sun salutes through a mala sequence. Every time I put my mala necklace on, it grounds me and gives me a sense of center. The energy of the chosen stone, aqua marine is meant to infuse these qualities in my body. The mala is a reminder of our intention; to take the lessons we learn through our practice and apply them to every step of our life.

Why tiny devotions? I love the company. They have an entire collection on the heart chakra alone. Being that they are full of love, you can feel the love infused into their mala beads. This is important. Especially because the mala beads gifted to me were created out of love. It is important the beads you choose were made from good intention. Good energy resonates. And the color is a representation of the energy you either need or bring forth into this world.

If you’re looking for your next mala, I recommend Tiny Devotions. You can follow them on facebook or instagram @tinydevotions or visit their website www.lovetinydevotions.com Enjoy!

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