Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  I have traveled the world extensively to destinations such as Bali, Europe, Thailand, Bora Bora, Costa Rica and more + domestically, in the United States.  One of the things not quite well documented is the length of time you spend in transit which is the most important time to hydrate, rest and take care of your mind, body and soul.  This is a list of travel essentials that help me to stay healthy, calm, centered, loving and patient while traveling locally and abroad.

Essential Oils

The reason I love packing essential oils is because they have therapeutic properties that can help with things such as fatigue, jet lag, and overwhelm.  Some also have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can help protect you against common colds and things that get tossed around in the airport.  My favorite oils right now come from doTerra and include Breathe, On Guard, Serenity, and Balance.  You can also bring along lavender and eucalyptus for calming, grounding energy.  You can read more about essential oils on Better Mind Body Soul here or Organic Daily Post here.  Both guides will give you a little bit more information on the process of creating essential oils, how to use them and which ones may be best for you.


The plane, car rides, long layovers…these are all great times to meditate!  My mala  not only keeps me grounded and clear, it also provides a quick and easy way to close my eyes and start repeating my mantra.  After a couple of minutes in meditation, I feel more at ease and able to embrace whatever changes come my way.

Baby wipes!

This one is for the mamas out there but really anyone could use them.  They help to wipe dirty hands and clean up any messes.  Ever spilled your drink due to turbulence?  Touched a dirty bathroom handle only to find out there’s no soap?  These work wonders and I personally love the babyganics face, hand & baby wipes.


I love to bring a scarf that can substitute as a blanket or head pillow when folded up.  I find the blankets given to you on the plane are not very soft or warm, so by bringing a scarf you not only keep your neck and shoulders warm, you can open it up for other uses.  I’ve even used it as a towel during an international trip where I was able to take a shower during a long layover.

In Your Face Spa-Ahh Elixir Mist

This one is a little random and off the beaten path but it feels amazing to spray a little mist on your face during the flight.  If you don’t have time to wash your face or perhaps are traveling to a place that has questionable water then this is a great pick me up (especially for those taking red eyes or traveling overnight) Plus it has colloidal silver in it which helps to boost your immune system.

Lip Balm

My personal favorite comes from Nine Naturals which only includes holistic, organic products such as cupuacu butter (and it actually works!)  We can get very dehydrated when we travel and our lips feel it first.  Don’t miss this one!


I personally love my Daily Greatness Yoga Journal but any notebook will do.  When you’re on the plane without access to wifi you can let your mind wander into creating manifestation lists, journaling things you learned over the last year, setting intentions for the year ahead, or perhaps simply drawing!  It’s a great time to get creative.  The reason I love the Daily Greatness Journal so much is because it has inspiring passages to read and a calendar (so you can start putting those dreams into actionable items!)

Comfortable Clothes

This is a must!  Who wants to be uncomfortable while sitting for extended periods of time?  Choose your favorite work out brand or put on some cotton.  Cotton is very lightweight and allows your skin to breathe.  Be sure to take off all your metal before heading to the airport so you do not get stuck at security.


I take Vitamin B12 (for energy), Vitamin C (for immunity), Probiotics (for gut health), and my daily postnatal (but you might have a daily vitamin that you prefer).  Our immune systems are constantly compromised while traveling (especially if you’re changing time zones) so it’s important to give you body a little extra boost pre/post take off.

Headphones / Ear Plugs

Traveling can get pretty noisy and sometimes it’s nice to tune out and listen to your music or meditations.  I have a baby so I feel for parents that have to bring their kids on long flights but if you’re someone who is not traveling with children then ear buds can be a lifesaver to ensuring you have the quiet environment you need to get some sleep.

Then, of course, all of the things you need to travel – passport, credit / debit card, extra cash, perhaps a calling card if you are not using your cell phone or mobile device, good book, mints, language translator if you’re traveling to a new country, and the most important things…an open heart and mind. 

Travel can be one of the most rewarding investments of your life.  I have learned the most about life through traveling. 

Wishing you a smooth and seamless trip to your final destination! 

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