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WHAT’S NOT to love about Between the stunning visuals and the stellar classes, we’re totally hooked on this game-changing hub of all things yogic. World-class teachers and top-notch production come together in this easy-access home alternative to getting up and driving to your favorite studio. Not only does their extensive online library contain every type of class you could ever wish for, they provide members with exclusive access their to acclaimed health and wellness programs – including invites to some of the most truly special retreats in the wellness world.

Known for her uplifting and challenging classes, Ali Owens is someone who makes us want to go with the flow…the Vinyasa flow, that is. Her warm personality and sunny disposition infuse her classes with a breath of positivity as you transition from one pose into the next, encouraging you to live in the moment both on and off the mat. We can’t get enough of Udaya’s eclectic classes, so we were thrilled to see Ali on their all-star lineup of teachers! Filled with forward folds to relieve tight hamstrings, low lunges to lengthen tired quads, and twists to get all that tension out for good, we’re thrilled to have Ali leading us through this 30-minute flow sequence that perfectly compliments our cardio love affair. Whether you run, jog, bike or hike, this creative and flow will take you seamlessly from sneakers to savasana in less than an hour!

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