Re-setting Resolutions

Keeping up with Resolutions

It’s around that time of year (if you’re reading this in February) that we let go of our new years resolutions. Those intentions you set for yourself at the beginning of the year with enthusiasm for a new start to a prosperous 2016 (or beyond).

I know for myself, I set resolutions to

  1. make more time for self care
  2. drink lemon water every morning
  3. meditate for 10-20 minutes each day
  4. communicate better with my partner
  5. kick start outside projects and seek accountability partners
  6. laugh more frequently

So far I am doing well on b, c, d, and e. But I have not done a great job at laughing more frequently or making time for self-care. Instead, I am back into my routine of running around, filling up my schedule with mindless activities and neglecting my poor body that I put through so much teaching everyday.

Not okay.

So today, I am setting a resolution to keep checking in.  To seek an accountability partner who will remind me to take breaks and rest.  To relax. Get a massage. Take a bath. Shower my body with essential oils. Eat well. Cook daily. All of those things that really fill up my tanks so I can feel vibrant day in and day out.

Let’s reset and start again.

What New Years resolutions did you set that have fallen off track? Comment below and share with us how you plan to get back on track.

Love & Intentions,


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