Why Invest in Private Lessons?

Traditionally yoga was taught in a one-on-one setting where the teacher could design the sequences that best suited the needs of the student. In private lessons you have the ability to explore the deeper dimensions of yoga while getting the attention your body needs to advance in the practice. In a lesson we may…

  • Practice
  • Refine poses
  • Meditate – discuss the benefits
  • Explore pranayama (breathwork)
  • Discuss philosophy and other forms of self study
  • Develop a holistic nutrition plan for overall health and wellbeing.

To book your first session email ali@aliowens.com

Read what people are saying…

Ali is able to find the exact words to help you approach your “edge” while keeping safe with proper form and alignment.  Her classes are fun and challenging, you can feel her genuine love of yoga through her words and actions.  She’s a warm, intelligent and friendly teacher, with lots of original insight into how yoga can work for you.
– Dean Miya
Ali is an amazing yoga teacher!  Her class is both relaxing and challenging. Not only does she calm you with her voice, but her flow keeps you on your toes (literally and figuratively). The pace keeps you moving, and Ali is so encouraging throughout the class. Mix in her great playlist, and you have an amazing yoga experience. I will definitely be practicing with her again.
– Gloria Ko

To book your first session email ali@aliowens.com