A powerful program designed for expecting mothers who would like to incorporate yoga and meditation into their weekly routine.  This program features three courses, one for each trimester of pregnancy.  Each class is tailored to meet you where you are in your pregnancy, with mindful modifications and transitions for mothers to be.



Yoga is a powerful practice that can help you manage the emotional and energetic shifts that take place throughout your pregnancy. By teaching you ways to transition with ease and grace, you will connect with your center, listen to your body’s internal cues and manage any arising stress. This program is designed to support you through your first trimester and beyond. Establish a foundation of poses, modifications, and transitions that help you to feel confident, flexible and able to take on your pregnancy. Use props as needed if you are new to practicing yoga or if you need to support your belly as it grows.

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The theme for this program is empowerment. During this time in pregnancy, we have more energy and begin to settle into our bodies as the first trimester symptoms start to lift. These practices will help you to harness your strength, embrace your intuition, and create a nurturing environment for baby to live in. This program helps to build strength and stability in the body which is necessary to support your growing belly. Build confidence by incorporating standing and balancing poses which will help to focus the mind and find your center while continuing to incorporate foundational poses. Find space for baby both physically and mentally by going deeper into poses and finding your breath.

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Embody the role of mother and begin to nurture not only yourself but the human being that is growing so rapidly inside of you in the last program of our Moving Into Motherhood series. This program is specifically designed for expecting mothers on their way to birth. With a focus on stabilizing poses, breathing techniques and meditation, your practice will help you move through your last stage of pregnancy and into labor. Embrace the concepts of impermanence, remain present in your body, with your breath, and with your baby, and trust that you know what to do as you connect to the life growing inside of you.

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