Hi there,

My name is Ali and I am a mom, yoga teacher, meditation guide, nature enthusiast and avid traveler.

My journey with yoga began when I was a junior at UCLA.  I signed up for a course in yoga as a way to fulfill my movement credits as part of my dance major.  What I found was a practice that transformed my relationship to my body and more loving environment within.  Yoga was the practice that brought me back home to my body and breath in a way I had never felt before.

When I graduated from college, I completed my 200hr teacher training while working full time for the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.  I loved spending those summer days out at the park, immersed in the knowledge and history of this ancient practice while studying with some of the most celebrated teachers today.

Upon completion of my certification, I started teaching at Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga, a popular donation based studio in Santa Monica.  After a few years of balancing my corporate career with teaching, I decided to leave my job and fly away to Bora Bora to work with an up and coming paddle yoga fitness company.  While the company did not come to fruition, it was the impetus from which my teaching career began and I soon thereafter landed back in the sunny community of Manhattan Beach where I still live and teach today.

Over the years, I have been blessed to work with a number of organizations who are passionate about sharing health and wellness with the world.  The Green Yogi Online, YogisAnonymous, YogaGlo, Udaya Yoga, Unplug Meditation, and YogaWakeUp.  All of these platforms have classes and programs I developed for them to serve you on your journey.  Check them out for inspiring content from not only myself, but other incredible teachers from all over the world.

In the summer of 2017, my husband and I welcomed the light of our lives, Clover Breeze.  She travels with us everywhere we go and is already a little yogi.  Learning how to parent using these practices has been transformative and allowed us to develop a stronger bond at home.  We are able to communicate, practice patience and enjoy all of the little moments that make up the miracle of her life. Life is such a blessing and she reminds me of that each and every day.

Currently, I have the honor of guiding public classes at The Green Yogi, Rooted Beings, and Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica.  My passion lies in empowering people to lead their best lives through movement, mindfulness and Ayurveda-based nutrition.  If you would like to book a private consultation, session are available in person or via Skype.  You can learn more about those offerings here.

We are constantly updating our offerings and posting photos of our travels on social media.  Find us @aliomyoga to stay in touch.

Sending you so much love along your journey.  Thank you once again for being here and perhaps choosing to join our growing community!

Love and blessings,


my values


At the very heart of yoga is love. Love is what connects us all together. Yoga means to ‘yolk’ or bring into union. First with the breath, then the body, our mind and eternal consciousness.


At the very heart of the yoga practice is connection; connection to yourself and our global community. Through teacher trainings, retreats and immersions, I have met some of the most incredible people from all around the world.


To be of service is the most fulfilling part of the journey. Seva, or community service, is an important aspect to the practice which allows you the opportunity to share your gifts with the world.