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My name is Ali and I am a Yoga teacher based in Southern California.  I found Yoga while studying in the World Arts & Cultures program at UCLA.  The reason I feel that’s important to tell you is because my introduction to go stemmed from my passion for dance.

Dance is what ignited my soul growing up in Arizona.  I would travel around the world, dancing professionally for companies and artists.  I had an agent in L.A. for 6 years before deciding to leave the competitive world of performance and pursue a more stable career in marketing.

I graduated from UCLA in 2009 and took a job as the Sponsorship Director for the Greek Theatre in Hollywood.  It was a dream job.  I spent my evenings watching shows, catering to clients, and coordinating sponsorships deals for the venue.  After a summer at the Greek, I decided to leave my position and take a job in Marketing for the Pantages Theatre.  I had always loved Broadway and dreamed of working in New York City.  This was the perfect fit for me at the time since I was able to live in L.A. but travel to the big apple a few times a year.  After 4 years in that position, my life came to a crossroads.

During my years at the Pantages, I had received my 200hr teacher training certification in Yoga.  I signed up for the course simply as a way to deepen my understanding of the practice but my passion for it led to me international teachers who offered me an opportunity to travel the world assisting and modeling various fitness brands.

I left my corporate job in the summer of 2010 with very little in my bank account.  Luckily, I had enough saved up to cover my expenses for three months and I thought that was sufficient enough to take the leap. My first stop was Australia.  I stayed there for nearly a month before SoCal called me back in.  I flew back to take on a teaching slots at The Green Yogi in Manhattan Beach and YogaSalt in Marina Del Rey.

Life was great for a few years.  I was teaching Yoga regularly around the city and taking on celebrity clients in Bel Air and Beverly Hills.  Then, in the fall of 2015 I met my husband.  We hit it off right away and dreamed of starting a life together.  It was a year later that I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Clover, and my world started to change.  Suddenly, my casual, comfortable, single lifestyle became about supporting the life of another.  Yoga became extremely helpful through the transition of becoming a mother and meditation kept me present through the process.

Within a year I was pregnant, married and relocated to my now home in Playa Del Rey.  I still teach public classes in Los Angeles but focus more on online yoga and private coaching calls.  This allows me to be present with my family and watch my little girl grow.  My dream is to travel the world, leading retreats and hosting teacher trainings in foreign countries.  You can check out the events we have planned for the future by clicking on the events tab.

I have been blessed, over the years, to work with remarkable brands such as Manduka, Lululemon, Free Motion Fitness, and Hardtail.  I have also filmed content for various websites such as YogisAnonymous.com, SpreadYogaLove.com, Udaya.com, and most recently, YogaGlo.com.

Most importantly, I have remained a student of Yoga.  I have over 1000+ hours of teacher training certifications from Power Yoga, YogaWorks, Shiva Rae, Jeanne Heileman, Eleni Tsikrikas and Uma Mother in areas of Yoga, Meditation, Chakras, Kalari Vinyasa, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, and Ayurveda.  It’s been an amazing journey and I am so grateful to the teachers who have supported me along the way.

If you’re interested in practicing with me, I encourage you to check out a local class in L.A., watch a class online, or send an inquiry for a private lesson.  Private lessons are the best way to get what you need to receive the optimal benefits of this practice.

Please stay in touch on social media @aliomyoga.  I would love to connect with you via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest.  Thank you for visiting the site!

Sending love and blessings your way,



my values


Getting to know yourself through Meditation. Meditation is a powerful practice that takes your physical practice to the next level. Self awareness is key to cultivate for optimal integration both on and off the mat.


Picasso once said “the meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away” In fact you must in order to keep it. Sharing your talents with the world is what makes this a prosperous place to live. After you have spent some time on the spiritual journey, the next step is to share your gifts with the world and participate in karma yoga, selfless service or taking action.


Finding your purpose is a life long exploration into your deepest passions.  Let’s learn to trust our intuition and create a life in alignment with what you truly love to do on a daily basis.