I’m Ali.  I am a yoga and meditation teacher, global retreat leader, mother, wife, lover of all things nature and supporter of the arts.

I took my first yoga class in the World Arts & Cultures department at UCLA.  I signed up for the course as a way to unwind from the long days of dance training.  Dance is what lit me up as a kid growing up and it followed me all the way to L.A. where I performed professionally for many years.  The course covered all aspects of yoga – from movement to history, philosophy, daily rituals, evolution of the practice and meditation.

After that course, I continued to practice around L.A. at YogaWorks (where I now teach) and Lululemon (where I met my first teacher).  Upon graduation from UCLA, I took a job in marketing for the Nederlander Organization, first as a sponsorship director for the Greek Theatre and later as a marketing director for the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.  It was a dream job out of college yet my interest in yoga was only starting to grow, so I signed up for a teacher training as a way to dive deeper into the practice.

I was offered teaching slots at Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga.  For a few years, I juggled teaching with corporate life until the summer of 2010 when my life came to a cross roads.  I had an opportunity to travel to Bora Bora and participate in the launch of a new yoga-based product or stay behind due to the request of my employer.  I decided to travel and have never looked back.  I thought I would take some time off and travel the world before stepping into a new career but after a month in Australia, L.A. called me back to teach at new studio that was opening up.  I flew back to L.A. and started my journey as a teacher.

Becoming a teacher launched me deeper into the practice of yoga.  I started to live my yoga in a whole new way rather than just practicing it for my own pleasure.  It was challenging in the beginning but luckily my new lifestyle gave me plenty of time to pause and integrate all of the lessons.  I had an amazing support system of healers and teachers who helped guide me through that transition.

After teaching yoga for a few years at the top studios in the city, I decided to merge my passion for yoga with my interest in travel.  I began to lead and co-lead international retreats to some of my favorite destinations: Bali, Greece, Tulum and Thailand.  I absolutely love guiding a group of like-minded people around a city for a week of cultural integration, exploration and fun while practicing yoga everyday.

This led me to meet my husband.  He signed up for one of my retreats and our love blossomed months before the plane ever took off.  We found out we were expecting just a few short months after that trip and our life as a family began.  We now have a beautiful daughter named Clover who we just adore.  Yoga really helped to transform my relationships and how I was able to embrace all of the changes that were so rapidly taking place.  It was a beautiful blessing and I am so grateful to have found yoga when I did so that I could become the best version of myself for my husband and my daughter.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top brands and companies in the fitness industry including Hardtail, Manduka, Lululemon, Free Motion Fitness, and more.  My classes can be found on many online platforms such as Udaya.com, YogisAnonymous.com, SpreadYogaLove.com and most recently, YogaGlo.com

First and foremost, I have remained a student of yoga with over 1000 hours of certified hours in Yoga, Meditation, Kalari Vinyasa, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, and Ayurveda.

Currently, I teach public classes in L.A. and have a coaching business where I meet with clients one on one.  For more information on that, please visit the Practice Tab on the website.

Most of all, I enjoy connecting with members of the community and spending time with my family.  I would love to connect on social media.  You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @aliomyoga.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

Sending love and blessings your way,



my values


Getting to know yourself through Meditation. Meditation is a powerful practice that takes your physical practice to the next level. Self awareness is key to cultivate for optimal integration both on and off the mat.


Picasso once said “the meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away” In fact you must in order to keep it. Sharing your talents with the world is what makes this a prosperous place to live. After you have spent some time on the spiritual journey, the next step is to share your gifts with the world and participate in karma yoga, selfless service or taking action.


Finding your purpose is a life long exploration into your deepest passions.  Let’s learn to trust our intuition and create a life in alignment with what you truly love to do on a daily basis.