Vision Boarding

Three years ago I crafted a vision board.  It was during a retreat to Santa Barbara where we were cleansing our minds and bodies through healthy eating, yoga and daily meditation.  My mind was so clear and it was the perfect time to filter through so many images to find the ones that spoke to me.  The final product is below:

Three years later, everything has come true.  My jaw nearly dropped when my husband and I went into the sonogram room and the doctor told us it was a girl.  Could it be I had a part in manifesting this dream?  This miracle?

Last year I was also featured in Yoga Journal, with a series on prenatal yoga.  I started teaching weekly classes at Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica. I met the man of my dreams who swept me off my feet and we starting traveling the world together.  I learned all about essential oils and their healing benefits. I started surfing with my fellow teachers from Yoga Salt.  And I started to take my health very seriously after learning I was pregnant, cutting out all of the substances that disconnect me from my highest vibration and source.

I made a commitment to creating a healthy home within my body and outside, in my life.

The reason I feel it’s so important to tell you this is because I would be lying if I said that I manifested any of this.

A force greater than me was at work when all of these things started to come true. 

My husband asked me to lunch after hearing about my yoga retreat to Bali.  We found out we were expecting and now have a little girl we named Clover Breeze.  A private client introduced me to the owner of the meditation studio I now teach at Saturday nights.  An editor from Yoga Journal showed up to my class at The Green Yogi and asked me to create a prenatal yoga sequence.  And I found my aromatherapy teacher by attending a lunch, which ended up being an essential oil workshop.

It was then I knew the power of aligning your vision with the powerful force of the universe and allowing everything to unfold just as it needs to for your highest growth and potential.

There were some hard lessons along the way but I kept on showing up.  I kept taking the time to tune in and listen.  Some of the risks I took over the last year and a half didn’t make sense to my mind but they felt right in my body.  While I didn’t always know where each step was taking me, looking back everything was happening just as it needed to for all of my dreams to come true.

I am amazed at the powerful of visualization and how the universe co-creates with you. This is how powerful you are.  As a human being.  As a conscious creator with so much to offer this world.

This is my dream, my vision for you.  That you dream big and believe in yourself too.  You don’t need a timeline.  Simply trust and let go.  Allow the universe to do the doing and stay focused on what is truly important to you.

It might not seem like something big now but you’ll look back one day and say, wow, thank you for showing me the way.

The more moments you show up for, the more moment’s life brings you.

Sending love and blessings your way,


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